Responsible Tourism

At Wet n Wild we take our ethical responsibilities seriously. We make sure that our trips leave the minimum possible impact, both economically and environmentally. Ladakh is a high-altitude desert, and water conservation is a serious issue. The increase in tourism to the region has seen a real strain on water resources during the summer season, and local government are working hard to raise visitor awareness of the scarcity of water and the importance of minimizing it’s use. We work closely with environmental groups and local government to help protect the fragile ecology while encouraging and welcoming visitors. 

On our expeditions, we take out EVERYTHING that we take in with us and dispose of all trash appropriately. We source local foods and fire wood without depriving villagers of their own supplies, as wood is scarce at this altitude and much of the traditional food is grown here during the short summer season. Wherever possible we work in partnership with local businesses as well. 

We encourage our expedition guests to wear appropriate clothing when outside the capital city of Leh, to show respect and to preserve the traditional culture and values of the predominantly Tibetan Buddhist indigenous people. Our ground staff are all local people, and we work with local schools to offer training and awareness raising about adventure sport industry in Ladakh. 

We encourage our guests to recycle wherever possible, in particular to combat the growing menace of plastics, water bottles in particular. We offer water refills rather than an endless supply of plastic disposable bottles, and we recycle as much as we can here. Already Ladakh does not allow plastic grocery bags, unique in the Himalayas, and we bulk buy dry goods to avoid unnecessary packaging. 

We strive to source our equipment from ethical companies, and recycle our equipment in ingenious and inventive ways. Nothing goes to waste.

We are committed to working closely with the environmental agencies in Ladakh to promote fair trade and ethical business, both now and in the future.