Inflatable kayak (Ducky) in India

About the Activity

As an alternative for rafting, we offer a more adventurous way of enjoying the river, the ducky, an inflatable kayak (something in between raft and kayak) that offers more excitement and more individual control over the craft than the usual big raft. You don't need kayaking experience to go on a ducky trip; you only need some enthusiasm and desire for adventure. 

If you want to experience something similar to kayaking without being necessary to go through the technical part of it, ducky is the thing to try. 

Ducky is ideal for family trips, since 2 or 3 people can fit in one ducky. Along with the ducky we send guides and safety kayakers that would take care of the passengers in case the boat flips in the river.

Inflatable  Kayak (Ducky) Trips in Ladakh

Fun day kayaking tandem full day trip in Ladakh india

Tsogsti to Nimmoo, Zanskar

Inflatable Kayaking from Tsogsti- Nimmo is a low difficulty level trip conducted mostly on flat water and low grade rapids.The trip is best suited for the people who just want to relaxed and fun fun trip in zanskar valley.   

8 km stretch with rapid 1+grade, duration of the rafting is 40 min, cost Rs 2500 including lunch and transport.

Ducky Cost: Rs. 2200 / head

Lunch & Transport (Optional): Rs. 300 each / head

Kayaking, Inflatable kayaking in Ladakh india adventure

Scorpoche to Nimmoo, Zanskar

Inflatable Kayaking from Scorpoche to Nimmoo, Zanskar is of moderate difficulty and best for the people who are either short on time or want to go with modest difficulty level.

18 km stretch with rapid 2+ grade, duration of the kayaking is 1 hr and 30 min, cost  Rs. 3600 including lunch and transport.

Cost: Rs. 3200 / head

Lunch & Transport (Optional): Rs. 400 each / head

Ducky, inflatable kayaking in ladakh fun adventure trip

Chilling - Nimmoo, Zanskar

Inflatable Kayaking from Chilling is standard and most ideal river rafting stretch of 28 km and adventurous trip covers exiting rapid  3+ grade.

Cost will come to Rs 5600 including a hot lunch at camp, rafting and transport. Duration of the rafting is 3 hrs.

Cost: Rs. 5000 / head

Lunch & Transport (Optional): Rs.600 each / head

adventure activity in ladakh kayaking rafting

Phay - Nimmoo,  On  Indus River

Inflatable Kayaking from Phay to Nimoo: 25km section on The Indus gives you a pleasant trip with beautiful scenic of the Valley. this section has grade 1 to 3 rapids with warmer water temperature than Zanskar. It takes 3 to 4 hts to coplete the trip.

Trip Cost: Rs 4500 With Lunch and Transportation.

Multi Day Trip

Leisure river trip kayaking on indus day trip ladakh india

Picnic day On The Indus

Sun and fun on the middle section of the Indus River with fun class II and III rapids and great Valley scenery! Join our professional guides for a half-day of paddling in your own one or two person Inflatable Kayak.

This trip offers guests the chance to learn to paddle on the easier section of the river where they can get a feel for the boat. Just follow your guide. 

Cost: Rs 5500.00 Per head 

River Lunch Is Included in the Cost.