Zanskar River Rafting Expedition

Paddle the Grand Canyon of Asia with the best whitewater adventure team in India

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The Zanskar river rafting Expedition is known as the grand canyon of the upper Himalayas. Wild, remote and spectacularly beautiful, a journey to it's source and expedition to its confluence with the mighty Indus is a life changing experience. The trip is a white water trip like no other. Only running in the summer months due to the altitude and intense winters of Ladakh, the water comes straight from the glaciers towering above. The cold, clear high volume river pounds down the mighty gorges of the Zanskar as the temperatures around you soar. A perfect blend of elements. Team this with the always welcoming friendly Ladakhi people in remote monasteries and hidden villages, and you are guaranteed a trip of a lifetime. The Zanskar Rafting Expedition is unique, challenging and unforgettable. Join us for a multi day adventure and cultural experience. Choose a private group trip, or join a larger open expedition and meet people from all over the world. 

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Trip Highlights


Day 1

Fly to Leh

We will welcome you at Leh Airport, the highest airport in India. You will be brought to your hotel, where you will be welcomed by traditional Ladakhi hospitality and a chance to rest and acclimatize to the altitude. Leh, the capitol of Ladakh sits at 3,500m above sea level. So relax, drink plenty of water and enjoy some gentle sight seeing on your first days. This ancient and historic city is really a small town, and there is lots to see and do. hotel and help you with all the information so you can acclimatize at an altitude of 3500 m in the city of Leh. You could take it easy on yourself, drink a lot of water and enjoy the old part of Leh, some museums and the local architechture with modern touches. Enjoy the scenery and warmth of the Ladakhi people, and the amazing energy of the mountains.

Day 2

Leh to Kargil (7 hrs drive)

We will start driving in the morning towards Kargil, in comfortable 4 whell drive private taxis. The road (Leh-Srinagar highway) goes through astonishing and dramatic changes of landscape. We will stop for lunch at Lamayuru monastery, one of the most beautiful in Ladakh, where you could visit one of the caves where Milarepa (famous Buddhist poet and saint) meditated. The route passes over the thrilling Fotu La pass at 14,000 ft/4,108 m. Our first night away from Leh will be spent in the ancient city of Kargil. Steeped in history, we will stay with the welcoming Muslim people in a hotel. This is our last night in a hotel, as we venture further upwards and away from creature comforts.

Day 3

Kargil to Rangdum (6-7 hrs drive)

After breakfast, we will continue the journey up to Rangdum, entering the Zanskar valley at last. What awaits you here is some of the most gorgeous scenery in the Himalayan range. We will travel through the foothills of some of the highest peaks in Ladakh, including Nun and Kun mountains and other glacial peaks. We will enjoy our packed lunch on the way. The valley is isolated and full of wild flowers and animals, and there will be plenty of opportunities for photography and simply soaking up the solitude and grandeur of the Himalayan massif. We will be camping overnight in Rangdum, in sight of a famous and remote Buddhist monastery. The camping spot is famous for it's marmot population.

Day 4

Rangdum to Remala (6-7 hrs)

This is the last road day.The route goes over the Pensi La Pass and upwards through the magnificent Zanskar Valley with 6,000m peaks all around. You will catch a view of the glacier Darang Durung on the way. We will camp overnight in Remala alongside the river Doda, the source of the Zanskar river.

Day 5

Remala to Karsha (3-4 hrs rafting)

We will finally start our trip on the river early morning, to enjoy the morning energy. You will receive neoprene wet suits, PFD (personal floating device), helmet, safety instructions and everything needed for a safe and enjoyable journey. In between calm currents, expect some grade 2 rapids filled with lots of adventure. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the gorge before we stop for a break to have lunch on the shore of the river. We will visit the famous monastery of Karsha and camp overnight in the village.

Day 6

Karsha to Zangla (4 hrs rafting)

Another day of rafting on grade 3 sections, as we learn to paddle together and bond as a team. Get to know your guides and safety kayakers. They love this expedition as much as you will! No previous rafting expeeiinece is needed, just a willingness to learn and absolute trust in your world class internationally qualified guides. The river flows through the beautiful valleys surrounded by multicolored mountains all around. We will reach Zangla village in the early afternoon for lunch and overnight camping. You will enjoy the perfect silence of the small village of Zangla, and home cooked three course evening meal.

Day 7

Zangla to Niraq (4-5 hrs rafting)

There will be an early start as today is a long one. We paddle into the grand canyon of the Zanskar river today. Expect some grade 4 rafting comprising huge volume glacial rapids and lots of adrenaline. You will enjoy the breathtaking view of the gorge before we have lunch on the shore. There will be 5 hours of rafting before we reach Niraq village for our overnight stay. This is the most famous camping site in the entire gorge.

Day 8

Niraq to Chilling (3-4 hrs rafting)

Another adrenaline pumping day with grade 4 rapids on the heart of this legendary river. While there are almost no rocks at all on this river, it narrows until it enters a steep 18ft wide gap called the Gate rapid. The water is forced through this narrow gap to create Gate Rapid. After this crazy ride we will have lunch at one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the route before the valley passes through spectacularly colored mountain formations all around. The overnight camp will be in the tiny but picturesque Chilling village.

Day 9

Chilling to Nimoo (3-4 hrs rafting)

This is the last day on the river. It is a classic day for whitewater rafting with continuous grade 3 and 4 long rapids. Enjoy the beauty of the Zanskar river until we reach the confluence with the Indus river. We continue the journey to journeys end at our own Wet n Wild Exploration rafting camp on the banks of the holy Indus. Here we will rest a little, change back into our own clothes and eat lunch. From here we will be driven back to Leh, to the hotel, hot showers and a soft bed! Take time to absorb the last few days, the emotions, beautiful memories and new friends. Plenty of time to explore Leh and shop for souvenirs in the local market.

Day 10

Today you have the option to Fly back to Delhi, or if you have time, why not stay longer? Rich in Buddhist culture and history, Ladakh also offers world class mountain biking, trekking, jeep safari's, home stays and of course the Kardung la pass; the highest mountain pass navigable by car in the world. With so much to do and see, we KNOW you will be returning to Ladakh.


Cost: $ 1200 per head

We are open to giving discounts for group bookings, feel free to reach out to us for the same.

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