The Team

Trip Leader, Kayak Instructor, Kayaking Expedition guide

Tsering Chotak

Chotak owns and runs Wet N Wild Explorations. His premier rafting services are known and respected internationally, for high quality customer service and a serious approach to safety. Chotak's team offer a gold standard day rafting experience; this involves paddling down world class rapids through the lower Zanskar river gorge, before joining the mighty Indus at the confluence. He also puts multi day expeditions together, descending through the fierce beauty of the Himalayan mountains and glaciers that give birth to Ladakh's world class rivers. Wet N Wild trips finish on the shores of the Indus river, at the beach camp in Nimmoo, where Chotak also offers internationally recognized rafting courses and kayak schools. Chotak is well known as a reputed expeditions kayaker in India and has done several first descents and expeditions in India, Bhutan and Nepal. Chotak is an IRF (International Rafting Federation) qualified instructor for raft guide and safety kayak assessment, and a qualified WRT (Whitewater Rescue Technique) professional.

Expeditions Guide, Safety kayaker,

Manish Dhakar

Manish Dhakar is a renowned whitewater kayaker and IRF qualified raft guide from Rishikesh, Uttarakhand and is an integral part of the WnW team. Manish and Chotak have done multiple class IV/V first descents together in Bhutan.

Expeditions Guide, Kayak Instructor , Trip Leader

Harendra Singh  Rawat 

Herendra Sigh Rawat Known as Gappu is a renowned whitewater kayaker and IRF qualified raft guide from Rishikesh, Uttarakhand and is an integral part of the WnW team. Gappu and Chotak have done multiple class IV/V river rafting expedtions in India. Gappu works Mostly on our Expeditions Trip Like Brahmaputra rafting expedition, kameng rafting expedition etc. 

raft guide, Expeditions Guide, Kayak Instructor

Harpal singh Negi

Harpal Negi is a renowned whitewater kayaker and IRF qualified raft guide from Rishikesh. Born and brought alongside the Ganges, he spends the monsoon season with WnW navigating through the world class rapids as both a raft guide and safety kayaker.

Raft guide, Kayak Instructor, Expeditions guide

Shivam Gurung 

Shivam Gurung , who is 24 and from Nepal, is an experienced and skilled raft guide. Michael also competes as a kayaker at an international level, travels widely and speaks several languages fluently. Shivam is the senior raft guide at Wet N Wild, and responsible for guide training and development. He also teaches in the kayak school as well as overseeing the Wet and Wild campsite on the banks of the Indus. Shivam is one of the guides you will meet if you book a multi day river expedition here in Ladakh, using his skills and knowledge to paddle laden gear rafts from campsite to campsite. 

Devi Dada

Devi Dada is a 21-year-old girl from Arunachal Pradesh, India, who has recently discovered a passion for white water kayaking. She is excelling at this new sport and has become a valuable member of the kayaking team at Wet n Wild Explorations, an adventure company she is currently working with. Despite being relatively new to the sport, Devi has shown an impressive aptitude for it, which has earned her recognition and admiration from her teammates. With her determination and natural talent, she has the potential to become a skilled and successful white water kayaker in the future. 

Andrea Clarkson-King

Andrea, 45 years old, is the camp manager at Indus Beach Resort. She has many years of experience with rafting, camping and expeditions, even more with teaching and leading teams. Andrea also volunteers with  L.A.W.S (Ladakhi Animal Welfare Society) and other local welfare projects that advocate for Ladakhi culture