Equipment Rental

We have a wide variety of equipment rental options to support you while you pursue your activity of choice in Ladakh. Be it Kayaking, SUP, Mountain Biking, trekking, we've got you covered.

Whitewater Kayaking Rental Gear

Kayak rental Kayaking in ladakh india

White Water Kayak
$ 20 / day

kayaking helmet, rental equipment gear

$ 5 / day

Kayaking gear rental store ladakh india

Dry Suit
$ 20 / day

kayaking equipment rafting rental store ladakh india

$ 5 / day

kayaking equipment rental for zanskar river ladakh india

Dry Top
$ 10 / day

kayaking gear rental zanskar ladakh india

Spray Deck
$ 5 / day

white water kayaking paddle rental ladakh india

$ 15 / day

stand up paddle board rental in ladakh India SUP

SUP Board + Gear
$ 40 / day

Trekking Rental Gear

Trekking stick pole rental in ladakh india store

Trekking Sticks
$ 0.5 / day

trekking shoes rental store ladakh india

Trekking Shoes
$ 1.5 / day

climbing equipment rental store trekking ladakh india

$ 1.5 / day

Trekking Harness trekking trip rental store ladakh india

$ 1.5 / day

Climbing Rope trekking in ladakh Himalaya store

$ 1 / day

Ice axe Trekking equipment rental store in ladakh himalaya

Ice Axe
$ 1 / day

Trekking in Ladakh rental store

Down Jacket
$ 1.5 / day

Trekking tent rental store , trekking in Ladakh

$ 3 / day

Trekking sleeping mattress for rent or trekking to organize

$ 1.5 / day

High altitude trekking equipment rental in ladakh india

$ 0.5 / day

trekking stove rental store in Ladakh Himalaya India

MSR Stove
$ 4 / day

Trekking Gear, equipment store ladakh himalaya

$ 1 / day

List of Whitewater Kayaks and Paddles for rent

Rental Terms and Conditions

You need to return the kayak in the same condition that you received it in. In case of damage, you will need to pay up to 50% of the price of a new boat of the same model. The damaged kayak will also have to be returned to us.

You will have to decide the dates of hire beforehand and will be charged for the entire duration - regardless of whether you use the boat or not during the hire period.

We will not provide the following equipment along with the boat:

Please fill up this form if you are interested in renting any equipment